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NATO countries worry Trump will undo climate progress

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NATO's member countries published a series of draft reports this week highlighting the economic and security risks posed by climate change, and encouraging nations to stand by their international climate commitments.

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The reports, released ahead of a NATO summit on Thursday, also raise concerns that the Trump administration may undermine global efforts to tackle the issue.

"The United States played a leading role in pushing for the Paris Agreement, but there are now signs that it may reject its structures and even the science underlying it.

This would represent a serious setback," said one of the draft reports, released by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

The assembly is not part of NATO but represents the legislative bodies of member nations; the reports were drafted by legislative members for assembly discussion.

"International action becomes very difficult without U.S. participation, and there needs to be a dialogue to keep the United States within the reigning political and scientific consensus," the draft report said.

President Donald Trump will attend his first meeting of the trans-Atlantic military alliance this week in Brussels, where leaders are expected to discuss tensions with Russia, terrorism and other issues.

As a candidate, Trump called NATO "obsolete," but he has expressed support for the alliance since taking office.

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