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New Delhi smog: Public health emergency

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With deterioration of the air quality index (AQI) in New Delhi, doctors in Delhi have declared a public health emergency.

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The Delhi government has put out health advisories for high-risk groups, mainly children and the elderly, saying they should avoid outdoor activity.

At a time when Delhi-NCR is grappling with hazardous air quality, companies in the region are going the extra mile and implementing employee-friendly measures like flexible working hours, work from home and installing air purifiers in office to ensure staff wellness.

Those who travel for work are the worst affected of the lot. In order to ensure wellness of their employees, companies operating in the Delhi region are offering the assistance to protect its employees against health hazards.

Companies have sent out health advisories to all employees with Dos and Don'ts. Some have distributed anti- pollution masks and enlisted services of a doctor for the well-being of their employees, among other initiatives.

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