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New York City first in sustainable urban transportation in North America

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New York City ranks No. 1 among 23 North American cities for overall sustainability of its urban transportation systems, according to the first Arcadis Sustainable Cities Mobility Index.

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No city in the United States or Canada makes it into the top 20 cities ranked in the global index.

New York City, sitting in 23rd place globally, is the most sustainable city for transportation in U.S. and Canada, buoyed by an efficient, expansive and heavily used metro system operating around the clock.

This index, one of the most comprehensive sustainable transit studies ever conducted, is an indicative ranking of sustainable urban transportation practices across 100 of the world’s leading cities.

It looks at more than 20 elements of mobility that are essential to a city’s competitive advantage, economic vitality and overall sustainability.

The study was conducted for Arcadis by the London-based Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr).

Overall, North American cities rank low compared to equivalent European or Asian cities due to the car-centric culture that exists today.

Many U.S. cities lack an extensive transit network due to years of reduced public investment.

Exploring the three pillars of sustainability — People (social), Planet (environmental) and Profit (economic) — the study measures financial investments and infrastructure improvements to urban transportation systems, including access to multiple transit modes, active commuting, bicycle infrastructure, commuting travel time, affordability of public transit, digital mapping and payment capabilities, air and emissions pollution, internet connectivity, and more.

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