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No luck: After extreme heat Japan to be hit by Tropical Storm Jongdari

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Severe Tropical Storm Jongdari is set to strike Japan this weekend with flooding rain and damaging winds.

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While currently well to the south of mainland Japan, Jongdari is expected to track northeastward in the coming days before turning westward this weekend and slamming the east coast of Honshu.

Rough seas and high surf will batter the entire east coast of Japan from Friday through the weekend, creating hazardous conditions for shipping interests.

Jongdari is expected to strengthen as it tracks toward Japan and achieves typhoon status prior to reaching the country.

The westward turn will take the dangerous tropical cyclone toward central Honshu, putting the Greater Tokyo area at risk for a direct hit.

Jongdari is forecast to be equal in strength to a Category 1 or 2 hurricane in the Atlantic or East Pacific oceans when it makes landfall Saturday night.

Damaging winds will occur near and just north of where Jongdari makes landfall, leading to power outages and some damage to homes and businesses as well as downed and damaged trees.

Heavy rainfall is expected to arrive well ahead of the core of the cyclone, causing a 12- to 24-hour period of heavy rainfall in parts of central Honshu. Rainfall totals in excess of 300 mm (12 inches) are expected in the hardest hit locations, which may include Tokyo.

Mudslides will be another serious another concern across the rugged terrain of central Honshu.

The expected track of Jongdari will keep the heaviest rainfall and damaging winds from striking the areas hardest hit by flooding that killed at least 225 people earlier this month in parts of southern Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu.

While these areas will dodge the worst impacts, downpours can cause localized flooding, and mudslides will be possible due to the ground being weakened by recent flooding.

The combination of Jongdari rapidly weakening and tracking across central Japan will limit the risk for any damaging winds across these areas and the remainder of southern Japan.

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