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North Korea denies cyberattacks, calls U.S. 'hacking empire'

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North Korea media slammed the United States for allegations Pyongyang may be behind a wave of cyberattacks against international banks and other institutions.

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Pyongyang's state-controlled news agency KCNA said the United States has reached new "despicable heights," although the suggestion North Korea may be behind bank breaches came from private U.S. firm Symantec.

"Cyberspace is one of the many strategies of U.S. hegemony, along with the nuclear stick and the U.S. dollar, to launch a pre-emptive strike" against North Korea, the statement from KCNA read.

North Korea also denounced the CIA for its alleged monitoring of people through computers and computer-controlled appliances – a claim that is gaining support after WikiLeaks published a large cache of private data on March 7.

The United States is a "hacking empire, the worst of bullying countries," Pyongyang said in response to the news.

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