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North Korea's elite plugged in online, not isolated

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North Korea's wealthiest citizens are "plugged into modern internet society" even though they live under a regime cut off from most of the world, according to a report by a threat intelligence company.

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The nation's elite surf the Web, shop on retail sites, browse Facebook and check their email on computers and smartphones, according to a report by Recorded Future, which is based in Somerville, Mass.

"Our analysis demonstrates that the limited number of North Korean leaders and ruling elite with access to the internet are much more active and engaged in the world, popular culture, international news, and with contemporary services and technologies than many outside North Korea had previously thought," Recorded Future wrote in the report.

"North Korean leaders are not disconnected from the world and the consequences of their actions."

Researchers monitored North Korean internet use from April 1 to July 6 to see how the country's leadership and upper class use the Web.

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