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Norway thinking about overseas Hyperloop to Denmark

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The Norwegian Green Party believes an ultra-fast rail transportation system known as a Hyperloop will be the next big thing, and believes that Norway should be in the driver's seat.

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The Norwegian Green Party took a liking to the idea of transporting people and goods in capsules in a near-vacuum, in a system known as a Hyperloop. The Party believes this option is safe, cheap and energy-efficient, Sputnik News report.

It also stunned its voters with the mind-blowing idea of building a Hyperloop between Norway's capital Oslo and Copenhagen, Denmark, thus bridging the two capital cities.

While tremendous research and development expenditures are still required, Hyperloop technology may break through, owing to the low operation and maintenance costs, which are estimated at 20 percent of those of airlines.

Basically, all you need is to pump air out of the tunnel to achieve a near-vacuum and get the capsule moving.

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