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Nuclear-concerned Norway wants to give iodine tablets to citizens

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The presence of nuclear submarines along the coast of Norway means an increased risk of accidents, according to Norwegian authorities.

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Maritime visits such as those from the 172-metre-long Russian sub Dmitry Donskoi, the world’s largest nuclear submarine currently sailing off Norway’s coast, are no longer a rare event, according to the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (Statens strålevern, NRPA).

The Russian vessel can carry up to 200 nuclear warheads and is powered by two nuclear reactors, The Local reports.

“We have seen an increasing number of nuclear submarines off Norway’s coast – both visiting allies and Russian submarines patrolling off the coast all the way to Great Britain,” NRPA section manager Astrid Liland told NRK.

Increased numbers of nuclear submarines along the coast of Norway increase the risk of radioactive accidents, say authorities, who have now decided to assess the viability of distributing iodine tablets to parts of the population.

“An accident of this kind with a nuclear-powered submarine could actually occur anywhere along our coast,” Liland said to NRK.

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