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Offshore safety watchdog launches investigation into Asgard B incident in Norway

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The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has decided to investigate an incident involved a dropped object on the Asgard B facility on 13 March 2019.

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This incident occurred while dismounting a trolley from a lifting beam on the main deck of the semi-submersible gas platform in the Norwegian Sea.

Three people participated in the lifting operation. The area was cordoned off, but one person from the lifting team was inside the cordon. This meant they were hit by the trolley when it fell.

Operator Equinor has defined the injury suffered as a first-aid case.

The trolley weighed about 80 kilograms and dropped about five metres.

Following the PSA’s decision to investigate this incident, an investigation team is now starting work.

Objectives for their work include clarifying the course of events, describing the actual and potential consequences, and identifying direct and underlying causes in order to contribute to learning and experience transfer.

The investigation will result in a report to be published on

In addition to its own investigation, the PSA will provide technical support to the police in connection with its own inquiry into the incident.

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