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One person killed, 9 injured as Black Hawk helicopter crashes in Mexico

Christian Fernsby |
The Mexican Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR) has informed of a Black Hawk helicopter crash in the country's southern state of Veracruz that left one person dead and nine others injured.

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"This is to inform that, unfortunately, a Black Hawk helicopter of this institution suffered an accident in the town of Tepecuitlapa in the municipality of Tehuipango in the statte of Veracruz.

"More information is to follow", the SEMAR said on Twitter yesterday.

According to Veracruz Governor Cuitlahuac Jimenez, the helicopter was carrying 10 people of whom one had died as a result of the crash.

He said the helicopter was on a mission to rescue kidnapped people in the municipality of Zongolica in the southern part of the state.

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