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Only 36% of Americans think Trump is positive person

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Thirty-six percent of U.S. adults have a positive image of Donald Trump "as a person," while 55% have a negative opinion of him.

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Nearly three-quarters of Republicans view Trump positively as a person while only 7% of Democrats do.

These results are based on June 11-17 Gallup polling. At the same time, Trump's job approval rating was 45%.

Trump won the election despite being the least popular presidential candidate in recent memory.

His tenure has been plagued by controversy over his policy actions and an investigation into whether his campaign colluded with the Russian government.

He has launched high-profile attacks on Washington officials of both parties, including members of his own cabinet.

But Trump has presided over the nation at a time when unemployment is at a historically low rate and the stock market has reached record highs, and he has engaged in talks with long-term U.S. enemy North Korea aimed at eliminating its nuclear weapons.

All of these factors may influence how people view Trump from a professional perspective and a personal perspective.

The relatively narrow nine-percentage-point gap between Trump's job performance and personal character ratings (45% to 36%) indicates that most Americans do not make much distinction between the two.

Overall, 81% of Americans hold consistent opinions of Trump across the two dimensions - either approving of the job he is doing and having a positive opinion of him, personally (34%), or disapproving of the job he is doing and having a negative image of him (47%).

Ten percent of U.S adults do make distinctions, including 8% who approve of the job he is doing but view him negatively as a person and 2% who disapprove of the job he is doing but have a positive opinion of him personally.

The remaining 9% did not offer an opinion on either Trump's job performance or their image of him.

Among party groups, Democrats are most likely to have consistent views of Trump - 89% do - with the vast majority disapproving of Trump's performance and viewing him negatively.

Eighty percent of Republicans' opinions on Trump's job and personal qualities are in alignment, with 72% having positive opinions about both.

Meanwhile, 13% of Republicans are conflicted about Trump, with 12% approving of how he is handling his job but disliking him personally.

Three-quarters of independents have consistent opinions about Trump, with many more holding negative opinions (47%) than positive ones (30%).

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