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Passengers end up in northern Sweden after plane flies 1,000 kilometres to wrong airport

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A group of passengers landed more than 1,000 kilometres from their destination, after they all got on the wrong flight.

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The 34 passengers on a plane which took off from Sundsvall in central Sweden on Monday afternoon all thought they were flying south to the city of Gothenburg on the west coast. But instead they ended up in Luleå in the far north, The Local reported.

Airline Nextjet afterwards said it had been forced to cancel its flight from Sundsvall to Gothenburg due to bad weather on the west coast, writes Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

The only flaw in the plan was that the information was never divulged to the passengers, nor to Sundsvall Airport.

The passengers had only been told their flight had been delayed. So instead of taking off at 5pm, they boarded at 8pm, scanned their boarding cards and flew to Luleå – much to their surprise.

A handful of other passengers who had indeed expected to go to Luleå were instead left behind in Sundsvall, where they were told their flight had been cancelled.

Nextjet apologized for the incident. "It appears to have been a huge miss in communications between the airport in Sundsvall and us," said its marketing director Henning Lindberg.

The passengers spent the night in a hotel in Luleå and were to be flown to Gothenburg on Tuesday.

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