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Peru exhibits metal spheres fallen from sky

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Peru’s National Airspace Research and Development Commission (Conida) exhibited four metal spheres that fell from the sky on January 27 in the southern Puno region and which are apparently of Russian or Ukrainian origin.

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The spheres fell in a rural area more than 1,000 kilometers (800 miles) south of Lima on the Bolivian border, a researcher with the Conida Superintendency of Astrophysics, Walter Guevara, told EFE.

“We think these are parts of one of the stages of a spacecraft, which, for reasons we don’t understand, fell in that area,” he said.

Though up to now no country has claimed the spheres as its own, Guevara said that one of them had words written in the Cyrillic script, which could indicate they are either Russian or Ukrainian.

“We have asked for aid, through the Foreign Ministry, for the Russian Embassy to help us find out where these spheres came from,” he said.

Guevara said that when they received the report about the objects, they activated the protocol for such cases and asked the Puno regional government to ask local police to close off the area.

After a group of experts came together there a day and a half later, they found that the objects had no exhaust of the gas that would generally be used as fuel or for their pressurization.

“Among the gases normally used is hydrazine, which is very toxic and can cause death instantaneously by just breathing or touching it. When we analyzed each one, we saw they were sealed,” Guevara said.

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