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Peruvian president resigns amid corruption scandal

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Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigned Wednesday after a series of videos surfaced that implicated him in a vote-buying scandal.

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The Peruvian Congress was due to vote Thursday on Kuczynski’s impeachment on the grounds of moral incapability due to his alleged links with Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, which is at the center of Latin America’s largest corruption scandal.

A series of videos surfaced Tuesday in which congressman Kenji Fujimori, an ally of the president, appears to be offering kickbacks to other congressmen in return for voting against an impeachment request against Kuczynski filed in December.

Epifanio Baca, coordinator of the think tank Grupo Propuesta Ciudadana, told Anadolu Agency that due to the videos, some congressmen decided to vote in favor of Kuczynski’s impeachment, which prompted him to resign earlier than expected.

“The lingering doubt about his impeachment came to an end. There were enough votes to impeach the president,” he said.

Baca asserted that Kuczynski’s resignation was the best option he had once he lost the support of congress, noting that the president had 100 votes against him in the legislature and was “a step away from quitting the government”.