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Plane makes emergency landing in Romania as passenger suspected of typhoid fever

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A Turkish Airlines aircraft made an emergency landing late Tuesday at Otopeni Airport, north of Bucharest, as a passenger was suspected of typhoid fever, local television reported.

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The passenger is a Romanian and came from Africa via Istanbul. The doctors came to the site and applied the procedure, after which the patient was sent to the Victor Babes Hospital, a clinical hospital of infectious and tropical diseases in Bucharest.

"It was found that the passenger suffered from typhoid fever one month ago and is negatively affected, with no risk of transmission of this disease," the Romanian Ministry of Health said in a statement.

Over 190 passengers isolated in the aircraft were disembarked after two hours and there is no risk of contamination and there is no risk of contamination, it said.

"I wanted to make sure that all the procedures that are necessary in such situations are strictly adhered to, and I can now say that, along with the airport representatives, things have been handled very smoothly," Health Minister Sorina Pintea was quoted in the statement.

According to medical experts, typhoid fever, which can lead to a high fever, diarrhea and vomiting, is transmitted only via the digestive tract, through contaminated food and drinking water, not by air.

Untreated, the disease is fatal in around 25 percent of cases

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