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Politicians, security experts at Swedish conference fooled by fake Wi-Fi network

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Up to 100 people including journalists, politicians and cyber security experts were fooled into connecting to a fake wireless network at this year's edition of Sweden’s annual "Folk och försvar" security conference, the youth branch of the Swedish Pirate Party claims.

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ccording to the Pirate Party Youth, between 80 and 100 people at the conference connected to the open network they set up with a name designed to make it look like the event's network – a repeat of the same method used to fool 100 people at the 2015 conference, The Local reported.

"You would think that people invited to Folk och försvar would be more aware. Not least since we did the same thing in 2015," Pirate Party Youth spokesperson Rebecka McNeill told newspaper DT.

Through the network it was possible to follow what politicians, journalists and even experts on cyber security were doing online in real time.

"Our intentions are good, but other people with bad intentions could also do this. They could have seen and stored what the guests searched for information on, how they surfed and interacted. That’s dangerous," McNeill pointed out.

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