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Pot-banging protests against Bolsonaro for 14 consecutive nights

Christian Fernsby |
Pot-banging protests against President Jair Bolsonaro, due to his irresponsible behavior regarding the coronavirus, have been recorded in several Brazilian cities for 14 consecutive nights.

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Once again, shouts of Fora Bolsonaro (Bolsonaro Out) accompanied banging pots, pans, and other utensils in demonstrations in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro neighborhoods, where calls for the resignation of the far-right president were also heard.

The reactions of the population are a response to the former Army captain's stance in the face of the coronavirus crisis.

Bolsonaro refuses to apply restrictive measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic and minimizes its seriousness. On more than one occasion, he has compared it with a cold or a flu.

Last week, the Brazilian Press Association (ABI) refuted recent words by Bolsonaro, who, during a speech broadcast on national radio and television, underestimated the danger that hangs over the country due to the pandemic.

Latest data from the Ministry of Health confirms that about 159 people with coronavirus have died in Brazil, and 4,579 have been infected.

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