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Pro-independence students plan independence strike, Catalonia warns of civil disobedience

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Pro-independence students are calling for a strike in Catalan universities on Thursday to urge authorities to push ahead with a declaration of independence.

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The group Universities for the Republic has staged several strikes and protests over the past month, as the regional government of Catalonia and Spanish central authorities have clashed over an independence referendum that was ruled illegal by Spain's Constitutional Court.

The political crisis has escalated with the arrests of pro-independence activists and the plans by Spain to exert direct control over the northeastern region.

The group says Thursday's strike is to urge Catalan authorities to proclaim the Catalan Republic and defend the territory*s institutions.

Catalonia said it was confident all officials including police would defy attempts by Madrid to enforce direct rule on the region, in an escalating dispute that has raised fears of unrest among Spain’s European allies.

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