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Qatar using Iranian airspace to conduct most flights

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Qatar Airways is taking advantage of Iran's airspace to conduct its flights, chief executive of the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran (CAO) Ali Abedzadeh said on Sunday.

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In the face of regional crises, the aerial industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, by providing due services, has been a pioneer to promote balance across the region, Abedzadeh said.

Iran, for example, by opening its airspace to Afghan, Iraqi and Ukrainian flights, at the time of crisis, prevented disruptions in regional flights, he said.

Now, under the current crisis faced by Qatar, the Qatar Airways could use the Iranian airspace to conduct its flights, he added.

Some Arab states, including Bahrain, UAE, Egypt and Libya, led by Saudi Arabia cut their ties with Qatar, accusing the gas-rich Persian Gulf littoral state of supporting terrorism. Qatar denies the charges.

The Qatari airliner now is using Iran’s airspace to conduct its flights to Asian, European and American countries.

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