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Red alert issued as Ireland prepares for Ophelia, worst storm in decades

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Hurricane Ophelia is fast approaching as the worst storm to hit Ireland in decades.

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Met Éireann has issued a Red alert for eight different counties: Cork, Kerry, Clare, Limerick, Galway, Mayo, Wexford and Waterford.

The National Emergency Coordination Group on Hurricane Ophelia has followed up by publishing a full list of "Key Public Safety & Information Messages."

The storm is expected to pass between early Monday morning and early Tuesday morning.

Throughout that time, the public has been advised against making, you guessed it, any unnecessary journeys. People in Red level warning areas should be especially careful.

The public has been advised to stay away from all coastal areas as the storm is predicted to cause high seas.

Similarly, the storm will make driving far more hazardous, with "particular risk" posed by fallen trees and flying debris.

Those who must travel tomorrow are advised to do so by some means other than a bike. The warning specifically states that tomorrow should be a "no bike day."

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