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Refugees in Greece start hunger strike, want transfer to Germany

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A group of mainly Syrian women and children who have been stranded in Greece pitched tents opposite parliament in Athens in a protest against delays in reuniting with relatives in Germany.

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Some of the refugees, who say they have been in Greece for over a year, said they had begun a hunger strike.

"Our family ties our stronger than your illegal agreements," read a banner held up by one woman, referring to deals on refugees between European Union nations.

Greek media have reported that Greece and Germany informally agreed in May to slow down refugee reunification, stranding families in Greece for months after they fled Syria's civil war. Greece denies this.

"What we've managed to do on family reunification is to have an increase of about 27 percent this year compared with last year, even though we're accused of cutting back family reunification and doing deals to cut back family reunification," Migration Minister Yannis Mouzalas told reporters.

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