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Richest Danes own almost half of Denmark

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A new report by the economic council of the labour movement, Arbejderbevægelsens Erhvervsråd (AE) found that, on average, the wealthiest 10 percent own 47.3 percent of the total net wealth of the country.

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Meanwhile, the poorest 50 percent of Danes own just 5 percent of the total net wealth.

“Everywhere we see tendencies to liberalise and let market mechanisms be in control. That has disparity-creating consequences to income, but certainly also to wealth,” Henning Jørgensen, a professor at Aalborg University, told Ugebladet A4.

“It’s not just refugees and immigrants who live in ghettos. It’s also the rich, who are increasingly fencing themselves off in their own ghettos. It’s becoming an ‘every-man-for-himself’ situation and not a society.”

AE’s calculations also found that the richest 10 percent of Danes have an average net wealth of 5.4 million kroner, while the poorest 10 percent owed more in debt than they owned – on average a negative net wealth of 376,000 kroner.

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