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Russia and U.S. going 6,000 meters deep in search of ARA San Juan submarine

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The Argentine Navy announced that it still has not found the submarine ARA San Juan 20 days after its disappearance and continues the search with the support of specialists from different nations.

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With the weather conditions a little better than yesterday, the bottom of the sea continues to be mapped, while this week the ships Yantar (Russia) and Atlantis (United States) will make an underwater inspection of up to 6,000 meters deep.

The spokesman of the Navy, Enrique Balbi, informed that an object found 940 meters under the water is being inspected while five national and one Chilean vessels remain in the zone, and the arrival of the Russian Yantar is expected soon.

In contact with the press, Balbi stated that 'we still do not know what happened' and there are still no results on the 'violent and non-nuclear event consistent with an explosion' detected in the area close to the course that the submersible would have taken, with its 44 crew members.

'We do not know if it was in the deep or if it was a collapse,' said the captain, while indicating that the only novelty is that yesterday's raking found an inlaid iron object 'that has nothing to do with the submarine.'

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