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Russia Embassy warns of consequences after Norway welcomes more U.S. Marines

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Russia warned there would be "consequences" after Norway said it supports the idea that more U.S. Marines can practice and train in the Nordic country.

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"Such actions... make Norway less predictable, and can increase tensions, cause an arms race and lead to destabilizing the situation in Northern Europe," the Russian Embassy in Oslo said in a statement on its Facebook page.

"We view them as clearly unfriendly and they will not remain without consequences," it said.

Norway said Tuesday it supports the idea that 700 troops of the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) can practice and train in the Nordic country for five years.

The training of around 330 U.S. Marines at the Vaernes military base in central Norway was introduced in 2017 and is to be continued until the end of 2018, according to the Norwegian Ministry of Defense.

In case the dialogue about continuation succeeds, the scheme will include up to 700 U.S. Marines from 2019, who will be distributed in the Inner Troms region of northern Norway as well as in the central part of the country, the Norwegian ministry said.

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