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Russia opens investigation into operations of U.S. media

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Russian leaders called for an investigation into some U.S. media outlets to determine if they are operating within the country's laws.

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Russia's state Duma, the lower house of parliament, called on its Committee for Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications to review the activities of several news organizations including Radio Liberty, Voice of America and CNN.

The move comes in response to a U.S. initiative to investigate possible Russian media interference in U.S. affairs.

"The U.S. politicians, who had been repeatedly accusing the Russian media of interfering in Washington's internal affairs, moved from rhetoric to action after the U.S. presidential election," government officials said.

On Tuesday, New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen introduced legislation authorizing the Justice Department to investigate Russia's English-language news outlet RT America for possible violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Shaheen alleged the outlet was coordinating with the Russian government to spread false information.

Konstantin Zatulin, a member of parliament, said the bill was repressive and "can damage the reputation of the Russian TV channel and Russia in general, I believe it necessary to take proactive measures."

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