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Russia ready to build super heavy-lift carrier rocket

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The Central Research Institute of Machine Building or TsNIIMash is ready to begin work on the next generation of super heavy-lift carrier rocket, Director General of the Russian space agency Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin wrote on Twitter.

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“The design and production groups of the rocket and space industry are ready to implement the project to create the super heavy-lift carrier rocket,” he wrote.

Earlier, it was reported that the super heavy-lift rocket will be named Yenisei and it is expected to be implemented by 2028. In December 2018, Roscosmos discussed the project and proposed to use the rocket Soyuz-5 as a first rocket stage, and to create the third stage according to the project Angara-5B.

In an interview with RBC, Rogozin stated that in the future, a super heavy rocket will be used for the launch of spaceships that work in deep space. They should be created for the beginning of tests of the medium range rocket Soyuz-5, Irtysh, and its flight tests are scheduled at the turn of 2023.

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