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Russian court arrests Gazprom unit ex-CEO over 620 million rubles tax evasion

Christian Fernsby |
The Babushkinsky Court of Moscow on Monday in absentia arrested Alexander Karasevich, ex-director of Gazprom promgaz, who was put on the international wanted list, in a case of tax evasion of over 620 million rubles.

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The court also seized Karasevich's property, including two apartments in Moscow, a summer cottage, two parking spaces, and money in the equivalent of around 9 million rubles.

The tax office filed a 1.2 billion ruble suit against Karasevich under the tax evasion case, investigator Andrei Bekhtin told PRIME.

"The fact is that in addition to the damage of 620 million rubles, there are penalties and so on, the lawsuit was filed by the tax office for 1.2 billion rubles. The tax office is recognized in the case as the injured party," Bekhtin said.

According to investigators, 70-year-old Karasevich is in Germany, while his lawyer Yekaterina Berezoskaya said earlier that he is "on constant medical treatment."

Karasevich was CEO of company Lores, which evaded from tax payments, including while fulfilling contracts for Gazprom's unit. After Gazprom prohibited him from combining two positions, Karasevich appointed Olga Korolyova as Lores' CEO, who is believed to be in France and was also arrested in absentia.

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