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Russian hackers stole NSA spying tools, reports say

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Hackers linked to Moscow stole information on U.S. spying tools after a National Security Agency worker transferred the classified material to his home computer, unnamed intelligence officials said.

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Multiple people with knowledge of the incident told The Wall Street Journal the hackers took information on how the United States accesses foreign computers and defends against cyberattacks.

The information also included the computer code the NSA uses for spying.

A former senior intelligence official told NBC News the NSA worker put the information on a computer that used Kaspersky anti-virus software.

Kaspersky Lab is a Russian company with alleged ties to state-sponsored cyberespionage.

It is against NSA rules for employees to take classified information home.

The Journal reported Thursday that the breach happened in 2015 but officials didn't discover it until spring 2016.

Sources said the information could allow the Russian government to determine how to protect itself against the NSA.

Likewise, it could allow Russia to figure out how to access networks in the United States.

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