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Salary for servicemen to be kept above Estonian average

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The salary of servicemen is to be kept at 30 per cent above the Estonian average for the next four years.

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The government confirmed a state budget strategy which provides stable funding for the above.

"Paying an above average salary is just as important as investing in ammunition," stated Minister of Defence Luik.

According to him, the state is also in need of ammunition, supplies and infrastructure, although what it needs most is dedicated people who will expertly use the above.

The increase in wages for active servicemen will improve their salary position on the labour market and help to recruit new people to the Defence Forces.

In order to achieve the objectives of the National Defence Action Plan for the period 2017-2026, an additional 50 active servicemen must be hired each year.

In order to develop Estonia’s military defence capability the proportion of those completing conscript service will be raised.

Starting in 2020, 3500 people will be called-up for conscript service, with the number increasing to 4000 in 2022.

In order to assemble a bigger reserve, the number of active servicemen must also be increased.

In addition, an increase in personnel is planned in connection with the establishment of the Cyber Command on 1 August of this year.

In order to achieve established objectives, active servicemen are ensured a motivating salary, with an average increase of seven per cent planned for next year.

The state budget strategy for 2019–2022 sets aside EUR 2.4 billion for national defence.

Nearly EUR 1 billion has been earmarked for the acquisition of special equipment, with EUR 330 million to be used to procure ammunition next year and for the following four years.

Within that timeframe the handheld firearms and machine guns in use within the entire structure will be switched out, with night vision equipment, body armour and flak jackets being acquired.

The infantry combat vehicle CV90 programme will be concludeand the first self-propelled artillery units will be acquired.

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