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Serbs staying in Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia should return to country by Friday

Christian Fernsby |
Crisis Staff decided that all citizens of Serbia, who are staying in Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, should return to the country by Friday afternoon.

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"We appeal to all citizens to return to their country by the end of this week, because after that we will have a different regime for everyone who enters our country," Dr Darija Kisić Tepavčević, a member of the Crisis Staff for the fight against coronavirus, said.

"What is very important is that all countries in the region recorded growing number of newly infected. Montenegro is in third place, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are on that list. Our situation is much more favorable. On this occasion, we appeal to all our citizens who are in these countries to return to Serbia by Friday, September 18. From Friday at 6 pm, surveillance is introduced for all passengers entering from these countries to reduce the risk. We appeal to all citizens to return to their country, because after that we will to implement a different regime", Dr Kisić Tepavčević pointed out.

"Since then, we have been introducing surveillance for all passengers entering our country from risky countries," she said, adding that the surveillance will last for 10 days.

According to her, in the coming days, additional measures will be specified and announced to the public.

She also said that the new recommendations of all leading health organizations are a recommendation of a 10-day-quarantine upon return from a country where the epidemiological situation is unfavorable.

"It will not be about quarantine and self-isolation, but about surveillance, which will include certain measures and activities in order to reduce the transmission of the virus and the import of cases from abroad," she said.

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