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Several countries helping Argentina in search of missing submarine San Juan

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While the search tasks of the submarine ARA San Juan continue, there is still no contact with the unit.

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The meteorology prevailing in the search zone, in which there is a storm, has important areas of low pressure, generating winds with gusts that exceed 80 km per hour (40 knots), the Argentina's nayv said.

Product of the strong gusts coming from the Southwest, the scene is of maritime storm with waves that oscillate between 6 and 8 meters of height.

The weather makes difficult the task of raking the 11 surface units that are in the area, each one with its respective assigned patrol area. All are weathering the storm.

Since Sunday morning, the HMS Protector is navigating on the estimated defeat of the submarine ARA San Juan, towards Mar del Plata. This unit of the British Navy has a multibeam probe that is used to scan the sea depth.

A return found, navigate the ARA Austral and ARA Puerto Deseado hydrographic vessels, also sweeping with multibeam probes from Mar del Plata to the area where the submarine was last contacted.

The extended forecast in the raking zone presents a slight improvement in the area starting on Tuesday.

That is why the effort of aerial exploration is maintained 24 hours a day, by means of national and international units.

There are air units that simultaneously operate in their respective assigned patrol area. At this moment he is doing an exploration flight in his assigned area an English Hercules C-130 aircraft that operates from Malvinas.

At disposal there is also an exploration aircraft of the Chilean Navy, which remains waiting to be able to maintain the search effort sustained over time.

They are also operating aircraft of the Naval Aviation of the Argentine Navy, of the Argentine Naval Prefecture and a Hercules C-130 of the Argentine Air Force.

Also, to the P3 and P8 of the United States was added another exploration aircraft from that country.

A Operations Coordination Center is installed in Comodoro Rivadavia, due to the proximity to the area of ​​greater raking activity. Two logistic aircraft from the North American Air Force are waiting there, transporting underwater tracking technology - an ROV - a mini submarine to be assembled in the coordinating center - with capacity for 16 people - and an immersion hood - with capacity for six people- which allows the descent up to 200 meters deep.

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