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Six people have as much wealth as half of Brazil’s population

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The six richest people in Brazil have as much wealth as half of the country’s population, or 100 million people, combined, Oxfam Brasil said.

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“Brazil remains one of the world’s worst countries regarding income inequality and is home to more than 16 million people living under the poverty line,” said the report, titled “The Distance that Unites Us.”

The non-governmental organization said the trend in the South American country was “even more worrisome.”

Brazil, according to World Bank projections, might add 3.6 million people to the ranks of the poor by the end of this year, Oxfam said.

“It is important that Brazilians take into account that we are building a two-tier future: first-class citizens and second-class citizens. Those who have and the have-nots,” Oxfam Brasil director Katia Maia told EFE.

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