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Somalis most satisfied immigrants in Norway

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Somali immigrants are more satisfied than other immigrants in Norway, even though they have the worst financial situation and living conditions, newspaper Aftenposten reported.

"As long as they have food and roof over their heads, most people are satisfied. Somalis are used to living tight - family is not a burden, but a pleasure," Safia Abdi Haase told Aftenposten.

Fresh survey from Statistics Norway (SSB) has shown that individuals with an immigrant background in Norway have poorer conditions in terms of employment, working environment, housing standards, health and social contact than the average of the population.

However, immigrants are equally as happy with life, housing and work as others.

Although Somalis are the immigrant group with the lowest living standards, they seem to be most satisfied with life - actually much happier than the average in Norway, the research has showed.

Somalis also stand out with fewer mental or physical ailments and claim to be less lonely than other immigrant groups.

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