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Something for politicians to think about: U.S. Congress approval 18%

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Americans' job approval rating of the U.S. Congress is 18%, up slightly from two previous readings of 15%.

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The latest findings are based on a Gallup poll conducted April 2-11, as Congress returned from its spring-break recess on April 9.

The latest measurement of congressional approval matches the average for ratings Congress has received since January 2017, when the current 115th Congress convened.

Approval for this Congress was highest from February to July of last year, ranging from 20% to 28%.

Since then, approval of the legislative body has been below 20% in eight of the past nine monthly readings, with the exception being the 20% rating in January 2018 after Congress passed federal income tax cuts.

Republicans remain most approving of Congress among political party groups.

More than a quarter of Republicans (26%), whose party controls both chambers, approve of the job Congress is doing - a higher rating than independents (19%) and Democrats (10%) give the institution.

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