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South Korea earthquake could be prelude to bigger ones

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Experts from South Korea warned that the 5.4 magnitude earthquake that shook Pohang today in the southeast of the country could be a prelude to bigger ones.

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The South Korean Meteorological Administration specified that the earthquake took place about nine kilometers from the coastal city of Pohang and left at least 14 people with minor injuries.

This earthquake is the second strongest to hit South Korea, after the 5.8 earthquake that struck the city of Gyeongju last year, according to Yonhap news agency.

The experts attributed the latest telluric movement to the displacement of an active fault in the southeastern region of the country, although they said it is very quick to determine the cause and that more studies are needed based on the analysis of the data.

Lee Mi-sun, a KMA official in charge of seismic and volcanic issues, said that when there are 5 or more powerful earthquakes, or stronger ones, big and small aftershocks normally continue for months and added that some of them will follow the one of this day.

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