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Spanish police battering firefighters, condemnation from countries across Europe

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The decision to send police in to aggressively suppress the Catalonia protests have met with condemnation from political leaders across Europe.

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Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon said "Some of the scenes in Catalonia this morning are quite shocking and surely unnecessary. Just let people vote.

"[I am] increasingly concerned by images from [there]. Regardless of views on independence, we should all condemn the scenes being witnessed and call on Spain to change course before someone is seriously hurt. Let people vote peacefully."

The Belgian prime minister Charles Michel said: "Violence can never be the answer! We condemn all forms of violence and reaffirm our call for political dialogue."

And British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted "Police violence against citizens in #Catalonia is shocking. The Spanish government must act to end it now."

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