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Step aside U.S., eyes turn to China for climate leadership

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An Australian think tank says the withdrawal of the U.S. Trump administration from the Paris Accord presents an opportunity for the Pacific to look to China.

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The director of research at The Australian Institute, Rod Campbell said China is getting more serious about climate change.

Mr Campbell said he lived in China for a few years and the air quality and use of coal for power and heating is a big deal but there is a push for China to clean up its act.

He said as well as signing up to the Paris Accord, there is this political push in domestic China for fossil fuel reduction and coal mining moratorium and the eyeing up jobs in the green economy.

"I think China is obviously pretty central to any international agreement as they are the biggest greenhouse gas emitter and the biggest coal user.

So China is very important to any international climate change negotiation."

He said what is perhaps most interesting about China and the next round of negotiations is that China has already implemented a policy around no more new coal mines.

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