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Su-27 aircraft crashes in Black Sea during scheduled flights

Christian Fernsby |
A rescue team of AN-26 aeroplane and MI-8 helicopter has been sent to find and rescue the pilots, along with a frigate and several civilian ships, the Russian Ministry of Defence said.

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This reported by Sputnik.

According to preliminary data, SU-27 plane crashed in the Black Sea near Feodosya during scheduled flights, the Russian Ministry of Defence said Wednesday.

"Around 08.10 pm Moscow time [17:10 GMT] on March 25, a Su-27 fighter flying a scheduled mission over the Black Sea at a distance of about 50 kilometers [31 miles] from the town of Feodosia, disappeared from radar screens.

An emergency radio beacon signal was detected in the area," the statement reads.

"The search for the pilot in the area of ​​the operation is complicated by difficult weather conditions", the ministry said.

Two emergency rescue helicopters, a frigate and several civilian ships have been sent to the crash area.

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