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Submarine chief warns Sweden has only two operational submarines

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Sweden needs six to seven submarines, but only two are now operational, warns the commander of the Swedish Navy’s First Submarine Flotilla.

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"The system is vulnerable system," he says. In the forthcoming issue of the Officerstidningen, the Swedish Officers’ magazine, Mats Agnéus, head of the first submarine flotilla in Karlskrona, states that Sweden has too few submarines. Only two out of four Swedish submarines are operational, as the other two are on schedule for planned modernization.

"We can solve the task as much as we can with what we have. But it's a vulnerable system, "he told the Officerstidningen.

He says the navy needs six to seven submarines. The most important task of the fleet is intelligence retrieval. The fleet should also be able to carry out other missions and be able to combat both surface and underwater targets.

"Our leader are aware that there will be an adjustment with two submarines. We cannot do enough.”

The first of the modernized submarines of Gotland class will be operational again in December 2018. The second submarine is expected to be operational in December 2019.

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