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Sudanese Air Force Antonov An-26 and An-32 collide on runway at Khartoum Airport

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On Wednesday an Antonov An-32 collided with an Antonov An-26 on runway 18 at Khartoum Airport (KRT), Sudan. Both aircraft were operated by the Sudanese Air Force.

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CCTV video footage from the accident show the An-26 going down runway 18, being caught up by the An-32 from behind. The left hand wing and propeller impacted the rear of the An-26.

The nose section of the An-32 appears to have been broken away in the accident sequence and the tail section of the An-26 also suffered serious damage. The collision occurred on runway 18, as the aircraft were passing taxiway C, some 1900 meters past the threshold of the 2980 m long runway. Runway 18/36 was subsequently closed.

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