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Summer in New Zealand hottest on record and it's not over yet

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It's official - this summer is already the hottest on record in New Zealand, with four days still to go, according to new data from the climate agency Niwa.

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Summer temperatures have been 2.3°C hotter than average, 0.5° above the previous record, which dated back more than 80 years, Radio NZ reported.

Across New Zealand 108 places recorded their hottest summer on record, 21 their second hottest and eight their third hottest.

In Alexandra on 30 January the temperature reached 38.7°. On the same day Clyde got to 37.6°, Middlemarch 37.4° and Cheviot 37.3° - together these comprise the hottest temperatures of summer.

Wellington has had 17 days above 25° this summer - the average is two.

Auckland usually has 29 summer days above 25°, this year there have been 47 - the highest since records began at Auckland Airport in 1966.

Invercargill recorded three consecutive days over 30° in January. It's never done that for two days in a row, let alone three.

Cromwell has topped 25° for 56 days - normal is 35 days.

Dew point temperature - the meteorological measurement combining humidity and temperature - failed to drop below 19° in Auckland from 10 - 15 February, making it a rare 115-hour period of very high humidity.

In Wellington, there was a dew point temperature of 22° at 6pm on 11 February, the highest dew point on record for the city.

Mahia, Appleby and Waipara West have had their wettest summers on record.

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