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Activists from Greenpeace Nordic arrested after blocking oil tanker in Sweden

Christian Fernsby |
Continuing two days of protest, activists from Greenpeace Nordic this morning climbed the cranes in the oil harbour in Preem’s oil refinery in Brofjorden, Lysekil, on Sweden’s west coast.

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By blocking the cranes at the terminal, they prevented the crude oil tanker Grena Knutsen from unloading crude oil to Preem’s oil refinery.

The activists were detained by the police.

The protest started at 19.30 CET on Thursday, when the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior sailed into the harbour passage and successfully blocked the Grena Knutsen from entering Preem’s oil refinery.

No crude oil has been able to arrive at the refinery for the past 62 hours.

Greenpeace Nordic demands that Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and the Swedish government choose the Paris Agreement over Preem and stop the planned expansion of the refinery in Lysekil.