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Swiss throw up plastic fence on Italy border

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The Swiss authorities have decided they are shuttering three border crossings with Italy for the night as part of a six-month experiment “to combat cross-border crime.”

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Since Saturday, April 1, the crossing points at Pedrinate, Novazzano-Marcetto and Ponte Cremenaga in Como and Varese provinces will be closed and barred from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., Sputnik reports.

The Swiss explained their decision by the need to clamp down on “thefts in the canton carried out by Italians or by persons coming from Italy” thus complicating the work of police on both sides of the border.

The nighttime closure of the three border crossings will do little to improve the situation of the Italian-Swiss border. The border checkpoints are not guarded during the day and people have no problem crossing whenever they want to.

Moreover, just 3 kilometers away from the border crossings shuttered for the night are two more checkpoints (Bizzarone and Ponte Faloppia), which are open round the clock and serve as 24/7 pharmacies.

The Italian foreign ministry has summoned the Swiss ambassador to Rome for urgent talks after Switzerland closed three minor border crossings at night in an apparent crime-fighting measure.

A statement released on Tuesday night by Italy’s foreign ministry cited Swiss Ambassador Giancarlo Kessler as saying the measure was a temporary experiment and would be reviewed in light of improved border security collaboration.

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