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Syria to sign Paris climate pact, leaving U.S. alone

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Syria announced it would sign the Paris climate agreement, leaving the United States as the only country to oppose it.

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A Syrian delegate announced the decision - just a month after Nicaragua signed the deal - during U.N. climate talks.

"This is the very last country that actually announced," Safa Al Jayoussi, the executive director of IndyAct, said. "So everyone has joined and the U.S. is now so isolated."

U.S. President Donald Trump announced in June his intention to withdraw from the Paris pact, calling it a "bad deal" and saying it "fails to live up to our environmental ideals."

Trump said the United States, the second largest producer of greenhouse gases after China, would stay withdrawn unless the agreement could be renegotiated. Other countries in the deal said that isn't possible.

White House spokeswoman Kelly Love said the United States hasn't changed its position on climate change and pointed to a statement by the Trump administration when Nicaragua joined the agreement.

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