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Taiwan suffers massive power cut, millions of households affected

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Taiwan suffered a massive power blackout on Tuesday evening that hit close to seven million households, the government said.

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The outage left millions of homes without power amid sweltering heat and hit offices and factories in the heavily industrialized island of nearly 24 million people that hosts some of the world's leading technology manufacturers.

The power outage was caused by a human technical error at state-owned CPC Corporation, which supplies gas across Taiwan, and ultimately affected the operations of a state-owned Taiwan Power Company power plant in northwestern Taoyuan, spokespersons from CPC Corporation and Taiwan Power Company said at a news conference on Tuesday evening.

Taiwan Power Company's outage at its Taoyuan plant caused six generators to stop working, resulting in a massive blackout across Taiwan, according to a Taiwan Power Company spokesperson.

Around seven million homes were expected to be affected throughout Tuesday evening, representing about half the number of all Taiwan households, during a power ration, a Taiwan Power Company spokesperson said.

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