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Tepco spots possible nuclear fuel debris at another Fukushima reactor

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Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) may have found nuclear fuel debris below the damaged No. 3 Fukushima reactor, one of three that had meltdowns in the 2011 disaster, Kyodo News reported.

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4 Tepco detected black-colored material that dangled like icicles that could be nuclear debris near the bottom of the reactor's pressure vessel that contained the fuel rods, the report said, citing unnamed sources.

Finding the highly radioactive melted fuel rods may pave the way for Tepco to develop methods to remove the melted fuel.

Tepco launched its first attempt to probe the inside of the No. 3 reactor using a submersible robot on Wednesday, the company said in an e-mail on Thursday. The company plans to continue its probe until Saturday.

A Tepco spokesman said on Friday the company has yet to analyze the findings from the probe.

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