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Thailand's military government OK'd same sex partnerships

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Draft legislation to allow civil partnerships between LGBTI couples in Thailand has passed through the military government’s Cabinet this week.

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If the bill becomes law Thailand would become the first country in Asia to allow same-sex civil partnerships.

According to Bangkok Post, to be eligible both parties must be at least 20 years old and one of them must be a Thai national. The union could only be ended through death, court order, or voluntary separation.

A civil union would entitle same-sex couples to some but not all rights afforded to their straight counterparts, including the right to make medical decisions for their partner, the joint management of assets and debts, and the right to hold a funeral and receive a partner’s inheritance upon their death.

To become law the legislation must now pass through the National Legislative Assembly, which already has a backlog of 50 bills to be deliberated. If it does pass it will be announced in the Royal Gazette and will come into affect 120 days later.

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