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Theresa May to seek to form UK government

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Theresa May will visit Buckingham Palace at 12:30 BST to seek permission to form a UK government, despite losing her Commons majority, BBC reported.

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The prime minister is attempting to stay in office on the understanding that the Democratic Unionist Party will support her minority administration.

With one seat left to declare, the Tories are eight seats short of the 326 figure needed to command a majority.

Jeremy Corbyn has urged her to quit, saying Labour is "ready to serve".

After a disappointing night for the Conservatives, Theresa May faces ending up with 12 fewer seats than when she called the election and will need the support of other parties to govern.

The Tories are forecast to end up with 319 seats ahead of Labour on 261, the SNP 35 and the Lib Dems on 12.

Mrs May has signalled her intention to carry on in Downing Street, saying the country needs "stability" with the start of Brexit negotiations 10 days away.

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