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Thousands march in UK to support highly dysfunctional parliament

Christian Fernsby |
After failing to decide anything about the future of the UK, and unable to make its own decision about Brexit, the UK parliament is now seeing the support on the streets.

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Thousands of people across the UK took part in public demonstrations on Saturday voicing their anger against Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Britain’s parliament for up to five weeks. The parliament that didn't succeed in anything, that didn't even manage to come to their own decision about Brexit and pushed the UK into one of the greatest crisis in the history.

Central London was brought to a standstill as protestors marched towards the Houses of Parliament, chanting “Boris Johnson, shame on you”.

Sit-down protests also took place outside Buckingham Palace and across London’s West End shopping district.

Demonstrations were held across 34 towns and cities, including Manchester, Liverpool, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Belfast.

Protestors also gathered outside Balliol College, Oxford University, where Britain’s prime minister studied.

Anti-Brexit protests also happened on Saturday on mainland Europe, in Amsterdam, Berlin and Riga.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attended a rally in the Scottish city of Glasgow.

“Demonstrations are taking place everywhere because people are angered and outraged about what is happening,” he said.

Mr Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament on Wednesday sparked outrage across political parties looking to stall a no-deal Brexit.

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