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Thousands protest against corruption in Haiti

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Thousands of persons took to the main streets of this capital on Wednesday to protest against the waste of public funds and corruption.

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The popular mobilization also demands the resignation of President Jovenel Moise, whom they accuse of not sending the responsible for the embezzlement of public treasury to justice.

With posters from Kot Kob Petro Caribe to (Where is Petro Caribe money?), The demonstrators deplore the poor access to health, education, as well as asking the Government for better living conditions.

The protests that began on Wednesday morning already left at least one injured.

A security official of the National Palace received the impact of a stone, when the head of State placed a wreath to the independence leader Jean Jacques Dessalines.

Trucks of troops and specialized corps patrol the streets, fulfilling the promise of the general director of the Police, Michel-Ange Gedeon, who assured that all measures were adopted 'to preserve the life and property of the population.'

The demonstration also pays tribute to the 212th anniversary of the assassination of Dessalines, one of the main figures in Haiti's history, who advocated the union for the country's reconstruction.

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